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Livraison.US ™: Wine Tasting Journals, Blank Journals, Boxes, Coasters…

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We Love Working With Creative People and The Creative Process!

Sounds French, made in the USA! Livraison is a French word which translates as: “Deliver” or “Bring”. We put all our hearts and souls into “bringing it” and delivering authenticity.


Livraison.US is the original micro-test brand for Design Bindery LLC. It all started through a quest for creativity, innovation and product development for publishing companies and other groups.  We often were deployed as a bindery of last resort for certain projects that had fizzled in the hands of others. We focus on  tangible items such as personalized blank journals, boxes, coasters, cards and other related paper products. Some of our initial forays into product development/branding/consulting involved clients in the wine industry, and as an offshoot, we created a Wine Tasting Journal, followed by a Recipe Journal, and it has evolved from there. We are always researching and testing new materials, prototypes and concepts. Some of those items end up here for sale through our Etsy Store. Most of the products we develop for commercial clients as white label production now do not get published here.  The store is a great destination for special gifts and also one of inspiration for designers looking for a bindery that can work with them for product roll out of something unique and handmade in USA.


Since our start around 2014, we have already produced “white label” branding packaging and stationery projects for a wide array from major Oil companies, Museums, Paper companies, Art Supply distributors, Design Firms and online stationery retailers. We also wholesale some of our inventory through a select group of independent bookstores and gift shops. Have any questions about us? You can reach us at info@designbindery.com and follow what we’re up to here on Instagram.

All sorts of unique one of a kind blank journals
Wine Tasting Journals

Fancy, Archival Hinged Lid Boxes
Unique Hand Made Coasters